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HVAC Maintenance Plan In Cypress, TX

HVAC Maintenance Plan In Cypress, Katy, Spring, TX and Surrounding Areas

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VIP Maintenance Plan


  • Improved HVAC system efficiency therefore cheaper utility bills
  • Heating and cooling equipment that lasts longer and require less costly repairs
  • priority service over other customers
  • cleaner Hvac equipment, coils, filters, and drains that improve indoor air quality.
  • Regular visits to catch small issues before they grow into bigger problems
  • peace of mind
  • Discount pricing for new HVAC installs. ($200 off new unit)
  • Parts and repairs offered at discount price (10% off motors, compressors, capacitors, air filters, control boards, and many other services & repairs)

VIP Maintenance Plan Includes

  • 2 yearly visits (once in the Spring / Summer) & (once in the Fall / Winter)
  • dedicated communication for appointment reminders and scheduling through phone, text, or email
  • exclusive offers and deals

Summer Visit Checklist

  • check filter(s)
  • Test thermostat(s)
  • indoor motors(s)
  • visual inspection of duct work and duct connections to ensure equipment is sealed to prevent air (energy) loss
  • clean evaporator coil(s) (if accessible)
  • inspect evaporator coil(s) for debris, rust, corrosion, and freon leakage (if accessible)
  • inspect emergency drain pan(s) for rust and corrosion
  • record tempuratures through system
  • inspect and test primary drain line(s)
  • check freon levels
  • Inspect components on outdoor unit (includes capacitors, starters, relays, controls, wiring)
  • test compressors and outdoor fan motors
  • check amperages and voltages for energy consumption
  • clean outdoor unit

Winter Visit Checklist

  • check filter(s)
  • check Thermostat operation
  • Gas piping for gas leaks (if gas system)
  • check gas pressures
  • Blower motor components and operations
  • check and clean sensor(s)
  • check ignition sequence (starting of heater)
  • inspect draft motor(s)
  • visual inspection of duct work and duct connections
  • inspect evaporator coil(s) (if accessible)
  • record temperatures through system to ensure system is heating by manufacture standards
  • check all necessary heating components and safety features
  • visual inspection of outdoor equipment

Yearly Investment

  • $220 for one system
  • $165 for each additional system

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